When Mosunmola Odukale, a member of the Aketi volunteer network went to communities in Irele, Ese Odo, and Odigbo LGA, to carry out door-to-door campaign, she was shocked at the neglected state of the communities in these areas.

The roads leading to some of the places she visited in the LGA were hardly passable and Mrs Mosun had to abandon her car and trek miles to reach people.


These villages, tucked into thick forest have hardly seen electricity in five years, to her it seemed as if she has stepped out of civilisation as she went from one mud house to another telling them that their votes can be difference between same old marginalisation and change.

The people expressed their delight to be remembered by the governorship candidate, Aketi.

She met with indigenes and non-indigenes, and listened as they explained the difficulty of living without light, water, good roads and basic infrastructures.


The people living in the communities are mostly farmers and traders who cannot move their perishable goods to major markets, with their roads in such terrible state.

As our volunteer toured Agbabu, under Odigbo LGA, she noticed that only one school, a building falling apart, stood in the community to serve all the children. This primary school has seven teachers in all, head teacher included. Two different grades share a classroom to economise space. There was no single secondary school in that community. The day our volunteer got there, only 3 teachers were working as the other four stayed at home because they were being owed salary.


Somewhere in the middle of the community, is a locked up mud house used as health centre. Mosun was told that the maternal death is high in these communities because hospitals are not accessible during emergency. The nearest hospitals are in Akure or Ore.


The three major problems in all these communities are lack of good road, poor education for their children, and lack of good and accessible health care.

Our Volunteer assured them that if elected, Rotimi Akeredolu would implement a five point agenda of job creation, through agriculture, entrepreneurship and industrialisation; massive infrastructural development and maintenance; promotion of functional education and technological growth; provision of accessible and qualitative healthcare/social services delivery; and rural development and community extension. She promised them that a define change is coming to their villages.